phone Banking Service

Phone Banking Service
Phone Banking is a new service offered by the Bank to all customers whereby they can find out full information about the package of services YCB provides, carry out banking services. You need to be a YCB customer to enjoy the use of such a distinguished service.
The following services are provided:
-          easier and more enjoyable banking transactions
-          balance inquiry
-          statement of account (voice message, fax or email)
-          the last ten account processes (voice message, fax or email)
-          a request of an elaborate statement of account
-          a request of a checkbook
-          a request to stop a check
-          a request to change the pin code.
-          a request to transfer money from one of his accounts to another
-          inquiry about the exchange rate/ interest rate (voice message, Fax or email)
For further information on the service, you may call the Bank free-toll at 800-8000 or visit our local YCB branch.
All customers can apply for this service through any YCB branch. The next day, they will receive a closed envelope that contains the pin code which secures your transactions, reception of account statements, inquiries of exchange or interest rates. You need to notify your local YCB branch of your personal email in writing. 
Whenever you are, home or abroad, what you need is just to call the bank to call the Phone Banking number 494949 to be updated with all the transactions and processed done on your account 24/7.

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