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Information and Material Usage
All information and materials included in this website whether conditions, items or details are subject to change or amend without notice.
Nothing in this website indicates any kind of association to strike a deal. Nor does it give investment, legal or tax advice. No investment decisions should be based on the website content. You have to gain professional advice from the involved bodies.
Any application to have a service is conditioned by the previous acceptance of YCB.
The use of YCB's website or systems is not allowed without previous acceptance. This includes any refused access to the Bank's systems, the abuse of "Enter" together with the announced information on the website.
The Bank doesn't guarantee correctness of all the website information such as diagrams, texts, charts or hyperlinks. They are shown as they are received. The Bank holds no liability in case the information is not sufficient or workable to carry out businesses. No accountability is held against mistakes or omissions regarding the information or materials. There is absolutely no guarantee given whether legal, explicit or implicit. This includes violation of others' rights, ownership, information marketing or appropriateness for any purpose. This website is not virus-free environment.
The Bank is not to hold liable under no circumstances for any damage or loss taking place upon using the website. It, to give but examples, includes direct or indirect, specific, urgent damage or expenses as a result of using or abusing this website, or out of omission and negligence, or disconnecting, or a virus infection, or the system suspension whether YCB or anyone of the employees knows about this potential.
This website contains several hyperlinks to other websites for which the Bank carries no liability at all regarding the content or the services or the materials.
Any information given to YCB through this website is indeed considered in possession of the Bank which has the sole right to make use of it. Any experience or concepts or opinions or techniques presented in the said information by any visitor is used according to the Bank's discretion. No privacy is guaranteed for the information provided but when the involved departments in YCB accepts and promises to provide such confidentiality to the customer, or in case the Bank is bound by the Yemeni Law to do so.
Specific Conditions
There are pages or chapters in this website that lay down certain conditions and provisions in complementation and integration with these general conditions and specifications. If a dispute arises, the specific conditions dominate and judged by.
The Applicable Law
The use of this website conforms to the Yemeni regulations in effect.

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