About the program




There are 24 cars waiting for the winners in 2020

Monthly withdrawals



During the year 2020 , everything you wish fulfild through the 2020 Jewels Program

Jewels Awards



There are 2 apartments awaiting for the winners in the year of 2020 

Conditions for winning the house of dreams


Opening a current account with the bank in riyals and / or dollars.

Clients who are eligible to win the opportunity to win (apartments, cars, other prizes) from their balances of no less than 200,000 riyals or $ 1,500 (with the condition of apartments being met).

Customers who are eligible to win other prizes only have a minimum balance of 100,000 riyals or $ 1,000 USD

Less than 100,000 riyals and less than $ 1,000 does not qualify the customer to enter into any withdrawal unless the amount is increased to 100,000 riyals or $ 1,000 as a minimum

Points are calculated for every 100,000 riyals and / or $ 1,000 and their multiplest


There are no interest or commissions on the account and the subscriber has the right to withdraw his balance at any time (note that in the event of withdrawal, the subscriber loses points for the withdrawn sums)


The participant in the program can obtain a banking facility in Yemeni riyals by guaranteeing his balance in the Jawaher Commercial account and within 70% of the total balance

In order to enter the drawing on the dream house, it is required to maintain the minimum balance for the three consecutive months that precede the month of the drawing on the dream house.

Eve Awards

Independent Awards for Eve to ensure privacy and excellence.

Eve Awards

Independent Awards for Eve to ensure privacy and excellence.


The raffle draw takes place by automatic ballot and at random to choose the award winners.